I Can’t Satisfy Everybody

The worst part about being an avid writer is feeling like what you have to say isn’t worth publishing. This is exactly what I have felt these last two months, more so since I got back to school.

I have been busy more than I ever expected to be. Between my five classes, my executive board duties, and still finding time to get work done, I’m surprised I am not sleep deprived. Being this busy gives me endless things to write about. I could have written about my classes, but that’s not interesting enough. I also could have written about my kitchen adventures with my roommates, but that isn’t entertaining either. Long story short, my blog has been full of drafts and no published posts.

Today, it hit me. I should not let my personal opinion on what interests readers deter me from writing. When I first made this blog, I planned to keep up with it every couple of weeks. The more I began to post, the more I became concerned about what my readers would think. I do appreciate my readers more than you all could ever understand, but being a writer is more about releasing emotions than constantly writing best-sellers. With that being said, there is a lesson to be learned. If you do what you do just to satisfy others, you’ll drive yourself crazy. Both negative and positive criticism is healthy. If they are loyal and true fans, they will accept whatever you put into the universe. I truly believe that.

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

  • Kay

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