Put Your Pride Aside

One of the most difficult parts about growing up is learning to pick the battles that are worth fighting.

Some of the battles we face are worth fighting and some need to be let go of. This includes arguments, relationships, or even battles within ourselves. There have been numerous times where I’ve driven myself crazy trying to pick which battles I want to be involved in. I am a true believer in the quote, “Everything happens for a reason,” but if I can be the one to determine the outcome, I never want to feel like I am making the wrong decision. This is where gut instincts come into play.

There are different levels of battles. Some can be as small as choosing which test to study longer for. Others can be determining a relationship. If you’re anything like me, the larger battles are consuming. I don’t like dealing with unnecessary drama, especially when there are conflicting feelings involved. I am a forgiving person who can’t hold grudges for long. At the same time, my pride often gets in the way of solving problems as they come. It’s a personal battle that I am still working on.

Recently, I had to deal with a larger battle where I acted on impulse rather than taking time to mull it over. This experience not only taught me to let time run its course, but to not act solely on impulse. Instead of sulking in this, I’m learning. I’ll address the situation when I’m ready to understand it from all aspects.

Thinking before you speak or act is vital. It could be the difference between solving a problem and dragging the situation out longer than it needs to be. As for the battles that aren’t worth fighting, leave them be. Don’t stress yourself out over something that isn’t of great importance.

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

  • Kay

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