Embrace Your Hair

Insecurities are normal. They may change over time, but we all have them. One of my personal insecurities has always been my hair. When I was in middle school, I started having the freedom to do my hair myself. I realized my hair was super curly after I washed it and I loved the way it looked when it dried. This became a habit that eventually led to my hair being very damaged. What was once halfway down my back was now shoulder-length with bangs. I hated it. Along with braces, my bangs placed me right in that awkward phase of life that I look back on now with disapproval. I have learned my lesson since those days of daily hair washing.

I used to wonder why my hair couldn’t be naturally straight. I used to envy the girls who never had to blow dry and flat iron their hair after they washed it. I loved the way my hair look straight, but the process of straightening and maintaining it was unappealing. Instead, I used to sit under the hair dryer every Sunday and wear my hair curly to school for the week. This wasn’t so bad after I got used to it. Once high school began, I took the freedom of doing my own hair and ran with it. I think that was really the time period when I grew to love my natural curls and curl pattern.

Now, a sophomore in college, I wouldn’t prefer my hair any other way. My hair is perfect. However, I have met a number of ladies who are still not satisfied with their natural hair. Whether it’s texture, length, or color, I have heard complaints about it all. I decided to ask some of my friends what their largest hair insecurity was. Their answers were parallel to the complaints I have heard in the past. “I have too much chemical/heat damage.” “It’s too short.” “It’s not thick enough/too thick.” These same girls would then proceed to talk about the number of hair products, heat, and hair they add in order to make up for these traits. Only one said she had absolutely no insecurities. It amazes me that we are all teenagers and young adults still trying to figure out what truly satisfied us.

If there is any advice I can give about hair, it would be to learn how to love whatever you’re working with. If you love your natural curls or fro, great. If you enjoy your Marley twists or box braids, great. Embrace your hair and your confidence will skyrocket!

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

  • Kay

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