Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I consistently tweet “11:11” twice a day or whenever I catch it. I’ve heard two different reactions- “I look forward to seeing if you catch 11:11” or “what are you wishing for?” This is the perfect time for me to try to explain myself as best as I can.

I started making wishes at 11:11 my freshman year of high school. It was my first year at Scranton Prep and I had Latin every day during fourth period. My Latin teacher, Mrs. Walsh, would be in the middle of teaching a lesson, but like clock-work, she’d always catch 11:11. It got to the point where the entire class would keep an eye on the clock. During that time, it was more of a competition than a time to make a wish. That has changed.

As I went through high school, most of my wishes were trivial. I would wait for 11:11 to wish for luck on a test or a fun substitute teacher. By senior year, my wishes were concentrated on college acceptance letters. Freshman year of college  was all about wishing to survive the semester. Things changed this summer when 11:11 failed me.

This summer, a close friend of mine passed away in a car accident. It temporarily changed my mentality on the idea of wishing and praying for the best. I couldn’t fathom why someone so caring and young could be taken from us. It was surreal, still is to this day. I put 11:11 on hold until I felt I could make it a positive feeling for me once again.

Now, my wishes are meaningful. 11:11 in the morning is dedicated to my loved ones and at night, it is for my personal wishes. I continue to tweet it as a reminder to all of my followers that I am thinking about them, whether we are close or not. Those 60 seconds are sacred to me, as crazy or unbelievable as that may sound. Think what you want, but 11:11 is important to me and that’s what truly matters.

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

  • Kay

To read my open letter to a dear friend, click here: http://theodysseyonline.com/temple/letter-to-tj/135288


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