Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

All too often, I hear college kids talk about how worn out they are by the middle of the week. Some weeks are more overwhelming than others, depending on the time of the semester. For me, that week is now. 

On top of my regular classes, I also have TABJ Week, a 4-page paper to write, a documentary to watch, a 200+ book to finish, a reading journal to keep up with, and articles to write. It’s a lengthy to-do list and I’m still learning how to take things one day at time. That’s honestly the best thing you can do, besides call mom and vent about how stressed you are. 

Don’t wear yourself out to the point where you feel like you are constantly overwhelmed. Schoolwork is one thing, but constantly being involved in more than you can handle is not healthy. Make to-do lists, prioritizing the most important stuff in order, to stay organized. It may sound easier said than done, but trust me, you won’t regret it.

I’m Kayla Nyree and whatever will be, will be!

– Kay


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