The Madness of March is Stressful

Out of all the unpredictable things in life, the NCAA Tournament has to be in the top 10. People of all ages partake in bracket-making and watch closely as it all falls apart. I was one of those people during the first night when Purdue, Arizona, and Seton Hall were all eliminated much earlier than I anticipated. It all went downhill from there, but that’s the fun of it all.

As many of you know, Temple was eliminated in the first round after an overtime loss to Iowa. The refs missed some critical calls, but what can we do? I had my school beating Iowa and then Villanova. This loss came right after Michigan State’s loss. It was a tough day for bracket makers and Temple fans. Unpredictable beyond words.

In my bracket, I had Kansas winning it all off the strength of Perry Ellis. Of course this prediction was ruined last night with the loss to Villanova. I would normally be pretty upset, but still having a Philly school in the mix is enough to satisfy me. However, since both of my teams that I had in the finals are eliminated, the rest of this tourney means very little to me. I’ll continue to watch the games and cheer on one of my hidden favorites (UNC), but March is almost over and it’s crunch time in the semester. 

May the odds of your bracket be ever in your favor, let’s finish strong guys and gals.

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

– Kay


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