Keep D’Angelo Russell Out of Your Business…For Now

D’Angelo Russell is off to a shaky end of his rookie season. He has continuously been praised for his standout leadership on a Lakers team that is preparing for an era without Kobe Bryant. Off the court, one could simply call him a snitch for his recent antics regarding teammate Nick Young and fiance Iggy Azalea. A video, taken by Russell, surfaced that showed Young discussing affairs outside of his relationship. Although Russell claims he didn’t release the video to the press, social media took it and ran with it.

The topic of conversation turns to guy code. I’m sure a majority of people can agree that Russell was wrong for recording the private conversation in the first place. We may never know why he did record it, but he did mention that he and Young always joke around together. The question I have is, should the rookie be penalized for this for the remainder of his NBA career?

Now, I can’t really speak for guys, but I know girl code is pretty straightforward. There’s the simple rules, like don’t tell your friend’s secrets, but then there are the rules that vary depending on your friendship. Clearly the “keep your friends’ secrets” rule was violated in this case, but it is not the first time an NBA player or coach has blatantly disrespected another player. Remember Derek Fisher, former player and later, head coach of the New York Knicks? He was spotted out and about on vacation with Matt Barnes’s ex-wife, Gloria. This caused some obvious controversy that has yet to be resolved. The two may not have been close friends, but since Matt and Gloria’s relationship was so public, Fisher should’ve known she was off limits. The Barnes and Fisher incident is much more extreme, but it goes to show that guy code is universal. I guess in Russell’s situation, he expected his good friend Nick Young to take it as a joke. Unfortunately for him, he was wrong.

Did D’Angelo Russell violate guy code? Absolutely. Nick Young obviously trusted his teammate enough to confide in him about his affairs and that trust is now lost. However, I do not think Russell should forever be considered untrustworthy. He made a rookie mistake (literally), but I think he has learned his lesson. He may not remain in Los Angeles for his entire career, there will be a team out there willing to accept him with open arms.

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

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