I’m Fed Up.

I’m fed up.

I’m fed up with watching the news and seeing innocent lives taken because police officers, with weapons in tow, “feel threatened”.

I’m fed up with the feeling that black people aren’t safe anywhere- church, the store, a car, and the street.

I’m fed up with the lack of urgency to change gun laws, despite the fact that America has the most mass shootings year after year.

I’m fed up with the people that continue to say #BlueLivesMatter at times like this, because although they absolutely do matter, those shields are the ones killing innocent people on camera.

I’m fed up with worrying about my loved ones whenever they say they’re going out because it might be the last time I’ll ever see them alive.

I’m fed up with there being an abundance of hashtags, but not enough people putting their phones away to do something about it.

I’m fed up with living in a system that has strategically found a way to belittle minorities at every waking moment.

Last but not least, I’m beyond fed up with these police officers getting acquitted despite video proof.

This needs to stop. It’s a vicious cycle that has been happening for decades, yet nothing has been done to change it. Police officers are never willing to accept that their fellow comrades are irresponsible and don’t deserve a badge. Punish the murderers and train police officers to save lives, not end them.

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

  • Kay



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