Mo Is Back, Now What About Fitz?

Jets fans, rejoice! 

Yesterday, we finally re-signed Muhammad Wilkerson to a 5-year, $80 million contract. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t think he’d be back since, you know, the Jets don’t always make the smartest decisions. Wilkerson is a vital part of our defense so it’s nice to know that something is set in stone.

Now, the only question left is what about Fitzpatrick? The common feeling is that the Jets would either keep one or the other, so with Mo’s deal, is there room to keep Fitz? The money is there, but are the Jets willing to make a multi-year deal for an aging QB? I don’t think so.

I loved what the 33-year-old quarterback was able to do for our offense last season. He stepped up in a major way at a time where fans weren’t sure if we could be successful without a “big name” and Geno’s broken jaw. The team ended with a 10-6 record and a heartbreaking loss to the Buffalo Bills (still not over this, Rex). I would be ecstatic to see Fitz in green and white again, but for now, I’ll have to accept the fact that Geno Smith could be starting in the fall. *deep sigh*

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

– Kay 


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