The (Very) Tough Week For Knicks Fans

Being a Knicks fan is no walk in the park. Going to school in Philadelphia and being a Knicks fan is even tougher. But how about going to school in Philly, being a Knicks fan, and learning to #TrustTheProcess all at the same time? That’s me right now, but here’s the catch: my respect for the Knicks organization is dwindling.

This week alone made me embarrassed. Phil Jackson asked for a “triangle offense” and instead, he got a quadrilateral starring himself, James Dolan, Melo, and Charles Oakley.

It all started with Phil Jackson and his Twitter fingers.

Image result for phil jackson tweet

If you need some clarification as to exactly what the cryptic tweet means, it’s referring to a Bleacher Report article written by Kevin Ding entitled “Phil Jackson, Knicks Doomed Doomed By Wanting Carmelo To Be Something He Is Not“. If you guessed that the article isn’t very kind towards Melo, you’re absolutely correct. So for Jackson to tweet a reaction that seems to agree with Ding, it’s not a good look, not only as a well-respected figure in the NBA, but as the president of the Knicks. He later went back and said the tweet was “misunderstood”, but the damage is done.

Then, here comes more disaster. Knicks legend Charles Oakley bought a ticket to a game at the Garden, but he didn’t enjoy it for long. Actually, he didn’t even get to watch the game for five minutes until he was greeted by security. There’s really no clear story as to what happened, but best believe fans were outraged by how he was treated…and arrested on three charges. Dolan took it one step further by not only banning Oakley indefinitely from the Garden, but also doing a rare interview on ESPN Radio’s Michael Kay Show  where he said Charles Oakley “may have a problem with alcohol, we don’t know.” Ironic coming from a guy that actually has a history of alcohol abuse.

Knicks Phil Jackson press conference
Photo via SLAMOnline.

So yes, it is frustrating to be the fans of an organization that is not only losing, but doesn’t seem to have competent leadership. Between Phil Jackson and James Dolan, the woes of New York aren’t getting any better this season; unless of course both disappear. I’m with Spike on this one, if I had to choose between keeping Jackson or Melo, “I’ll pack [Phil] Jackson’s bags myself.” As for James Dolan, the answer is yes, you should continue to keep your interviews at a minimum. As minimum as possible.

I’m Kayla Nyree, and whatever will be, will be!

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