#InternationalWomensDay: Not Just Today, But Every Day

PSA: this is not my regular sports post to complain about the Jets’ offseason moves (Brandon Marshall, why?) or to hear about the most recent mess with the Knicks. Instead, I’d like to give a special shout out to women everywhere with one goal in mind: taking over the world. Shout out to the divas. … More #InternationalWomensDay: Not Just Today, But Every Day

Michael Vick: From Stardom to Redemption

On Friday afternoon, NFL quarterback Michael Vick officially announced his decision to retire. This announcement came after weeks of speculation since the 36-year-old wasn’t snagged by a team during the 2016 season. The road leading to his retirement was unique and heartbreaking in many ways. He emerged from Virginia Tech as a unicorn, being the … More Michael Vick: From Stardom to Redemption


My first impression when I saw that “#KimKardashian” was trending yesterday morning was “what kind of shenanigans did she get herself into now?” I’ve never been a fan of all the attention that the Kardashian/Jenner family receives, but after all these years, I should be used to it. Safe to say I’m not. I looked … More #KimKardashian